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Environmental initiatives at Westwood Cross

Here at Westwood Cross, we are always looking for new ways to support our environment and the natural habitat around us. Here's a few of our intiatives across the centre...

Insect hotels


Have you heard the buzz? Westwood Cross is a insect-friendly shopping centre! We have installed bee and insect hotels which are designed to help stop the decline of British bees by giving them a safe place to nest. We also have bee-friendly plants dotted about the centre to help them get pollinating.

Next time you see a little critter buzzing around remember that around a third of the crops we eat depends on insect pollination so we need to support them.

Westwood Cross bee hotel

Charge your car 


Lowering your carbon emissions with an electric car? Shop with peace of mind knowing that you're getting all charged up and what's even better is that it is free for up to three hours of charging time.

You'll find a few different options for charge points, all in the car park at the side of Primark. There are three Tesla charge points (two of which are multi-charge and one that is Tesla) and two Podpoint charge points. 

Car charging at Westwood Cross

Refill Me


For customeres who want to avoid buying yet more single-use plastic we're offering free refills on their water bottles across the centre.

Simply bring along a refillable bottle and fill up wherever you see the 'Refill Me' sign, free of charge. 

Refill Me at Westwood Cross

Bat and bird boxes


We want to ensure that the surrounding natural wildlife always has a safe place to nest, so we have installed a number of bird and bat boxes in the trees around the centre. Don't forget to look out for our flying friends!

Bat box in the trees