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Little Bears' fun facts

Our Little Bears aren't just cute, they know a lot about the world and want to share it with you! Read on to discover some very interesting facts...

Columbus, or adventure bear, says:

"Did you know that humans have only managed to explore about 5% of the world’s ocean floor? More people have stepped onto the surface of the moon than explored the Mariana Trench, which is one of the deepest parts of the world’s oceans."

Page, our bookworm bear, says:

"The expression ‘bookworm’, which describes somebody who loves reading books, is a reference to the tiny, invisible insects that live and feed on the binding of books."

Oscar, our movie bear, says:

"Can you guess what the most expensive animated film ever made was? It was the Rapunzel-inspired 2010 Disney film ‘Tangled’, which had a budget of $260 million!"

Solar, our eco bear, says:

"Here’s an incredible fact: half of the entire world’s species live in tropical rainforests! It’s a super-busy ecosystem, with all sorts of plants, animals, fungi and microscopic organisms living there."

Bella, our fashionista bear, says:

"Did you know that in the late 1800s people in New York used to wear live chameleons as fashion accessories? Thankfully this cruel trend didn’t last very long though, as it was banned."

Crumble, our foodie bear, says:

"Have you ever heard of a “liberty sausage”? During World War I, that’s what the frankfurters inside hot dogs were known as. In America, it was considered unpatriotic to eat ‘German’ sausages, so they simply renamed them!"

Champ, our sporty bear, says:

"The first yellow tennis ball was used at Wimbledon in 1986. Before then, white tennis balls were used… until people realised that using yellow would make them easier to see on the TV!

Browser, our techie bear, says:

"Did you know that the first computer mouse was made of wood? Long before anybody had even dreamt of iPads or swiping, Douglas Engelbart created a chunky wooden box with wheels designed to fit into a person’s hand."